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La Mirada is developed by Grand Plaza Company; Shareholding Company established by a group of real estate developers with the purpose to own, develop and manage real estate projects. Shareholders are group of investors who have long term industrial track record establishing and developing many projects in Egypt currently led by new generation entrepreneur Eng. Sherif Farouk Osman who represents the young driving force for the group expanding investments and success in the last few years.The group has recently encountered the real estate field for diversification counting on their solid financial background along shareholders having long track record in real estate construction market.La Mirada (Spanish: The View) is a distinctive community established in Fifth settlement – New Cairo, & Mostakbal City, offering a new way of living in a friendly and quality environment. It is an original and state of the art concept yet economic and contemporary for residents looking for an escape.

La Mirada
By Grand Plaza

1 Client base

Developing distinguished communities meeting outstanding/exquisite client base expectations in quality life style residence at affordable prices against suitable payment schemes.

2 New Concept

Introducing new practical elegant architectural concept; facilitating different life aspects and ensuring satisfying each one different needs.

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